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Five cents, scents, senses



The five senses are the tools through which we know things. Maintenance and improvement are not usually associated with the senses. Refinement of their capacities increases awareness and functionality. The loss of one of the senses often refocuses one of the remaining senses to expand both its breadth and depth. The blind hear and understand more of their environment through sound than ‘normal’ people do. The deaf hear through their sight. Improving and maintaining the senses provides a basis from which more enjoyment of life can springboard.

Focus on one sense to the exclusion of the others assists in attuning it to a more robust performance.

Widen your field of vision by focusing your brain on the things which are not in the center of your vision. Focus your sight on a thing, then without redirecting your eyes tell yourself all the things you can see around this area, coming to the very sides of your vision.
Sharpen your vision. Focus on a face or landscape, telling yourself all the variations you see in a particular color, as well as what object or part of an object is associated with it.

Eyes closed, sniff a flower, a herb or a fragrance, telling yourself what it reminds you of. Follow a scent to its source, bringing attention to the increased intensity of the smell as you do so.

With your eyes closed, feel similar but different objects, gently and lightly advising your mental self of the differences you feel. Feel with your fingers, your feet, your cheeks, whatever.

Strong tastes are easily discerned. Attempt to identify, classify and appreciate the variety of tastes in a salad, sauce or other food, identifying each. Eyes closed. Share your results with your friend, lover, spouse, sister or brother.

The focus is on the silence between the words, between the beats, between the breaths. Much more is heard and appreciated when the focus is on the silence.


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