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Life is a River




Life-like a river.
Course alterations, corrections, modifications.

Without respect for our ambitions, desires, hatred, and distress, the current meanders wherever it will.

On occasion revolving in whirlpool,
tempting to stay,
to understand,
to delay.
Other times to encounter challenges, gorges, dams.

Enduring in its progress. Moving, moving, moving.

The magnificence and the savagery on the banks is never seen twice the same. Ever changing. Plains, hills, trees, mountains, skies.

Eavesdrop. Catch its whisperings as it laps on the banks, gurgles over boulders, or roars over the falls.

Distinguish its many spectators. Vividly colorful flora-fauna.

Mirroring images, echoing sounds. Sharing itself to bear fruits with all along its banks.

Life is a river.


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