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Cycles, Bicycles and Life Cycles


A trike

Should repetition occur in anything, it is deemed to be a cycle. The kitchen cycle begins with the preparation of the meal, the cooking of it, the consuming of it, the cleaning up of it, and, the next meal indicates the commencement of another kitchen cycle. So we are surrounded by these cycles.
The repetition of something. But, also a cycle consists of a pattern of behaviour, development, whatever, that is repetition not of itself but of some other organism of the same or similar type. New born kittens perform the same antics as other new-born kittens. There is a pattern there. But the individual kitten will only perform these developmental behaviours once.

So we humans are fraught with these cycles. Some, we will only perform once as they are applicable to us, and, some will be of the repetitive type.

It is scary stuff. When I realized I was in the aging cycle, and, I would never have the opportunity to repeat it, that the mile posts simply kept adding days to my existence, and, I could never pass this way again, or, to make a second pass with some ameliorations, I become morose, sad, sometimes despondent. The older I get, the older I become. These once around the block cycles give me cause for concern.

Considering the repetitive cycle, the one that we can repeat, I found myself elated. With these in my librairie, I could improve on the second go around. Like the cycle of wanting to lose weight. You diet. Set a regimen. Weigh yourself everyday, note it on the calendar, eventually give up to start again a few months later.

It was in one of these cycles on cycles that I discovered there were some less obvious cycles in my life. Like the one where I enter upon an endeavour wherein I had the right to expect assistance from an elder, and never received it. Like when I went out practise teaching in a small community in Saskatchewan. When I arrived there, the teacher who was to tutor me in the conduct of the classroom was ill, and, I was asked to simply replace her. Which I did well enough for the school board to request me to apply for a position.

Years later, having completed my studies to become a lawyer, I had to spend one year under the tutelage of a practising member of the bar. A week after my commencement in his single lawyer law firm, he began an absence due to imbibing alcohol that was to last six months. So I learned the law, the conduct of court cases, the dealing with clients, all on my own with the advice of the lone secretary. At one point in the conduct of a legal application, I appeared before the judge, who asked me why I had made the application in a particular fashion – a fashion that no one other had ever followed before. I explained that the statute governing the application indicated it to be this way. He immediately obtained the statute in question, reviewed it, and made the comment that I was correct, and, that everyone else for as long as he could remember, had not followed the statute.

Then, I entered the financial services area [investments, life insurance] where the same pattern became evident when the first sales calls I made should have been under the care of my superiors, who failed to show.

This cycle assisted my self-esteem.

Now, I notice another cycle repeating itself in my life. I began childhood with a tiny tricycle, graduated to a big two-wheeler, a tandem [which my wife has her own feelings about] and recently another tricycle. This one is called a recumbent tadpole tricycle. The picture. I began life without any teeth, grew some, they were replaced in the normal cycle of things, then, I replaced some with plastic ones. I thought to about how I started life in absorbent diapers, graduated to short pants, then long pants, and, now in the warm climes in which we spend the winter, in short pants. You know what I expect o wear next?



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  2. Barb says:

    By necessity you were your own mentor in many cycles of your life and perhaps learned more than you would have if that teacher had been well, if that lawyer has been sober or if that investment supervisor has shown up. Good preparation for the grand cycle of life that challenges us all.

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