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2013 and all that


IMG_00000012_22012 was a clear disappointment on many fronts. Many have indicated some serious shortcomings in this year. World economies threaten everyone’s ability to function freely without some fear. Personal tragedies flooded the news, debates embattled personal and social discussions, causes were suggested at an alarming rate. Truly, 2012 has been a year in turmoil.

2013, though, in my view will be a year in which we make some amazing discoveries. Discoveries about our collective selves. Significant, though simple discoveries. There being no priority or consecutiveness to them. We will discover that world-wide we are all in this together. In what? In life. We all have a part of life. We all have pasts, presents, and futures, none of which are significantly different from anyone elses. As we begin to see this, and, to accept it, and, to realize that being in this together we have a significant ability to share our past, our feelings, our desires. The helping hand of friendship will reach out across the boundaries of race, religion and gender as we share our experiences.

It’s not that I am predicting a huge, massive all encompassing love-in. The prediction for 2013 is that many more of us will simply and significantly discovery an ability to be friendly, to extend a hand without any motive other than we are in this together.


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