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Six Weeks after Yesterday



Yesterday [http://wp.me/P2AbsW-4G] was a traumatic experience for me. Others have and others will experience it.


The day after Yesterday through an assessment of the effect of the Moringa tree seeds, I increased its consumption to one seed every six to seven hours. The symptoms never returned, but my concern continued. Two days following Yesterday we returned to Canada, where I continued my self prescribed therapy while making an appointment with my medico. As I awaited for the appointment to materialize, I reduced my consumption of Moringa seeds until I was taking one every two days. The symptoms never returned.


He advised me that the symptoms I described could be the result of three things: prostate tumor, benign tumor, or a bacterial infection. My medico knew of the Moringa tree, but made no comment. Directing a volume of tests, he advised he would inform me by telephone if anything serious showed up. He did not call. I made an appointment and we went over the results in detail.


In passing the comment was made that the symptoms of Yesterday may never be accurately diagnosed because of the Moringa seeds. However the test showed a normal level of PSA, one which he stated he wouldn’t mind for himself. But, evidence of a bacterial infection were evident but the bacteria had been destroyed. Because of this, he surmised that the Moringa seeds were eliminating the bacteria but not the source, a prescription was ordered to effectively terminate the source.





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