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For you, the lights are brightly shining


orange landscape

For you the lights may be brightly shining, for me the lights are growing dim.
Tobi, my favourite dog, passed away at fourteen.
My Mother-in-law, 98, passed away in my presence. The night before in a talkative fashion she said to me and my wife, “You are a fortunate person, you will bless the heavens.” What that means is still a mystery to me. But, my wife, who was attached to her mother with some fondness, took her passage with extreme diligence in reviewing her own state of being, and, hence mine.
She reviewed our wills, our finances, our income, and, last but not least, by any means, our relationship. Our relationship is not the ‘usual’. She has no children of her own. I have three from a previous marriage. Her finances are in better shape than mine. Her penchant is to benefit her nieces and nephews, rather than, I am afraid, ourselves. Her mother was like that. She scrimped, saved, and chiseled her way through the additional ten years since her husband, my father-in-law died. As you can see, there was a great distance developing between us. But, we worked at it.
Then, one afternoon just as she settling into her chair, she squirmed and screamed a bushel full of pain such I have not heard since my first wife awoke with such a scream – a kidney stone. Luckily she had arranged an appointment with her Doctor some time before for that afternoon. An x-ray brought the news later that afternoon: degenerative disc disorder. The web says, ‘normal aging’ and things like ‘extends weakness into the arms, hands, and legs’. Explains the broken dishes a few weeks earlier.
All of these occurrences can lead one into a very serious, morose existence, where smiles are rare, laughter non-existent, and appreciation of many things become of no-account.
There is a need for poetry.
Not published poetry. The right places, themes, words are often not just as they should be.
A poetry of our own.
These next pages are my attempt to bring into our lives that poetry that is so important for our souls. You are invited to add, subtract, modify or submit your own.


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