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Don Gross B.A. Ll. B.


Don Gross B.A. Ll.B.

The news of his passing away on Tuesday reached me yesterday.

He and I shared many moments during our lives. We met in law school, but it was one evening in a summer of long ago when I was shingling the roof of our house that our relationship began. He had articled with a notable law firm in the city, but wanted to be part of smaller community. I had been on my own, having purchased the office furniture, lease and telephone number of Frank Murphy sometime previous.
We became partners in the firm of Lizee and Gross. We disbanded the partnership on an amicable bases, only to reunite again for a time. There was never any acrimony in our relationship. We enjoyed what was different in each other.
We were different. He had a “Why not?” and I, perhaps, had a “Why” approach to life and the practise of life. He enjoyed a good laugh as much as he enjoyed knowing a rare piece of law.
So many long stories could be told of our involvement in the quest for each our Holy Grails. His passing turns them into memories to be revisited in the sunset of my life.


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