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The Moringa Tree


The Meringo or Moringo Tree

Moringa Olieferas

My mechanic is a physically well built male. In his trade, in Mexico, he relies a great deal on his muscular strength to accomplish what mechanics back home do with a variety of machines. This came up this past week when he was exposing some of the weakness endemic in an aging automobile. Appreciate that his command of English is limited, and, his delivery of Spanish is machine-gun rapid. While he works for himself, he does so on premises provided by his Father-in-Law, who makes his living being the provider of common elements of the repair trade: batteries, headlights, fan-belts.
As a silly question, I commented, “Where do you get your strength from?”
Pointing directly above him to the upper limbs of a tree, he said, “Ahi.” There.
“No, the tree. The Meringo tree. Check it out!” he said as he motioned me to follow him around to the front of his Father-in-Law’s premises. He fired some words to his Father-in-Law, who is his wise, aged demeanour rose solemnly from his chair behind the counter, shuffling behind another counter, bending over, and, upon rising, dropped five or six long [fifteen inch] dried seed pods onto the limited space of the top of the counter.
Alphonso, the mechanic, in his ‘check-it-out’ style broke a pod open to reveal a dozen or so seeds as large as the edible portion of hazel-nuts. Taking one of the seeds he removed the husk, and popped it into his mouth, assuring me that it was beneficial to the body. Arthritus, high blood pressure and cancer, he mentioned. When he uttered the last word, he, in a mixture of English and Spanish, described how Fidel Castro had come upon the Ayurvedic practise of relying on it for such ailments, and, ingesting the seeds had successfully overcome the disease.
“Check-it-out! on the internet.”
I did. You should.

Moringo Miracle

The sweet and sour taste flashes through me, adding a sense of higher wellness to my day. It occurs each morning as I consume one seed with my first cup of coffee. There is a calmness about it.


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