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Self I Accept Thee

The dog who waited for me for six years

The dog who waited for me for six years

It is best to know what you are accepting, before you accept it. Imposing conditions is not an available option. All that you is will be revealed. All that is revealed is acceptable. All that is acceptable is accepted. Therefore All that is revealed is accepted.

YOU is your birthdate, eye color, parents, siblings, addressed and all of those things you are, the facts, your awareness. It does no harm in reviewing these. Facile.

You is also what you think. Not why you think it. What you think is accepted. In a setting of your choice, give your mind the freedom to wander from thought to thought being vigilant not to direct it willfully. As if you are an observer see where it goes, how one thought leads or leaps to another, how one thought may question a previous one. As an observer do not judge your thoughts as they whisper from one to the other. Simple observation. No emotion or judgement.

This process is a continuing process. As long as you shall live this will lead to many facets of who you are, what an interesting conglomerate of things you are, without any judgement or emotion, this process will engender within yourself a deep and forever expanding knowing of who you are. The fascination in beginning this process is likely to astound you. As you entertain yourself in this way, you will find it easier to accept who you are.

We must also accept the person we appear to be to others. Others are the mirror, reflecting back to us, who we are. This is done by installing within ourselves the observer we have within ourselves. The observer will see what we talk about, what we do, how we approach different individuals and groups. As an observer, the rudeness or pleasantness we project to some and not others becomes obvious. The installation of the observer becomes the threshold to accepting others.

All without judgment, All without assumptions, All without relying on the past as a pre-condition of the present and the future.


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