My Mexican Vet

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Salt and pepper

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My Medico Veterinario Mexicano is a very sensitive person. His experience as a veterinarian spans several decades and included farm animals and small creatures. These past years he has tended to dogs and cats. Among his services to dogs is grooming them. He says in this way the pet becomes more accustomed to his presence, and he more knowledgeable about the pet and their owners. One day the owner of dog came in his clinic without his children and without the dog.
“You know my dog. He is old. He is blind. He twitches a lot. He is forgetful of where to put his waste. Now, as you saw him several weeks ago, he is thin, no longer eats. It is time.”
“Yes,” said My Medico Veterinario Mexicano. “Will you bring him in, then?”
“Well, you know, my children and the dog have been together since they were very small. My children range from four to nine years old. We talked about the last day of our faithful pet. They wish to be there.” He pleaded, “Medico, would you mind, Medico would you come to our house to administer? The children wish it so.”
My Medico Veterinario Mexicano swallowed with difficulty as he responded that he would, indicating that he had never done this before. Arrangements were made.
My Medico Veterinario Mexicano arrived at his residence at the appointed time. He saw the dog was in the middle of the living-room floor with the three children laying quietly around him, petting the dog who lay on his side, eyes closed. The smallest little girl, Rosella, looked up to him with her eyes already reddened by the tears of knowledge, lightly patted the dog’s head, muttering his name over and over again. Slowly, she leaned over her dog, hugged him gently and placed a kiss on it’s forehead. As she retreated, her older brother and sister, followed her example.
Their parents stood back watching, fighting back the sorrow that trembled in their hearts. The father nodded to the Vet. The vet approached the pet.
The sobbing echoed in the room. Sadness was everywhere. Rosella shuffled next to the dog’s backbone, near its head. She gazed at her pet, lying still, calm and comfortable on the floor.

The Vet didn’t know what to say when the little girl gave him a long glance. He said what came to his mind, “Do you know why your pet’s life is shorter than yours?”
With her hand resting on the now deceased pet’s head, the tiny little girl stroked the now lifeless body of her best friend, patted him gently.
In the voice of small angel, she replied “It is because he was always glad to see us, with his tail wagging. He was always happy. Happy to see Jacinta and Jose when they came home from school. His tail wagging. He showed us his happiness. Happy when we walked the beach, running into the water. His life is short because he could show us no more happiness than he had. He showed us to be happy all the time, to be content with what we have, to eat what we are given, to show friendship to friends, and, to stay away from bad people. He taught us that love and understanding do not take words. He could show us no more.”


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