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Injustice in the market place – unfairness in government.

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Salt and pepper

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Viewing history, regardless of time or place, a good number of individuals who have had involvement with the event for which they have received no acknowledgement. When Caesar conquered Egypt, he did not do it alone. When Montcalm was defeated by Wolf on the battle of the Plains of Abraham, the raft of soldiers who gave up their lives are acknowledge only as a group. So goes the river, the people who are involved have no names.

Not only have they not received any credit for their involvement, they have not received any portion of the ‘booty’ generated to one side or the other. The values expounded upon us, the great majority of people, of honesty, hard-work and pay-your-taxes seem to have little application to the ‘generals’ of our time.

A closer examination of more recent history should reveal a tendency to share the results and the credits with the participants, and, as well, it can be seen that more and more of these unsung heroes are singing, are asking, are imploring, and, demanding, and, taking measures to correct the injustice.

The occupy movement, for example. Corporate correctness has come into the spotlight. Particularly because the profits generated are generated not by the generals of the platoon, but by the front line workers. The ‘spoils’ are not appropriately shared. To know how a board of directors allots to its CEO the hundreds of thousands and the millions of dollars ‘compensation’ for their services is something I would like to see. Applying that to the public sector, to government of all levels, the view must be taken of the corruption that substantiates everyone’s ‘take’ except the taxpayer. Every fraudulent transaction in this sector has two results: first the taxpayer is not receiving value – many taxes could be reduced substantially were corruption to be eliminated; and, secondly, the quality of the service or product is reduced to further augment the penalty extracted.

The solution in both cases is simple to state, but difficult to implement.

In the case of corporations, some element of governance must become mandatory: CEO ‘compensation’ must be capped, benefits limited, and, bonuses eliminated.

In government, the solution becomes transparency. The public or any member thereof should be able to view not only where the money has been spent, not in gross amounts but in the fine, and, the process and every and all information pertaining to the decision making and selection process, be made available both prior to, during, and, after the decision has been made.

Parades, demonstrations, sit-ins, occupations,  need to clearly state these objectives, and, these objectives need to be promulgated in a thousand different words through social media – the twitters, the google+’s, and whatever.

Our names will not be written in the book of history, but we can share in the harvest.


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