#Weird or What

#Weird or What.


Six Weeks after Yesterday

Six Weeks after Yesterday.




For several weeks and particularly in the past few days it has become more and more noticeable. The urgency, the pain, the frequency of attending to need to urinate, only to produce a small thread like stream of short duration. Yesterday, it was beyond belief.


Upon rising at six A.M. I took frantically to the internet under the search words: Symptoms of Prostrate Cancer.


Not shaken by the list. There was no doubt.


In a few days I would return to Alberta and seek medical attention. Oh the pain and the need of being tethered to the big white bowl.


About ten in the morning, I noticed that the painful desire to urinate was still present, but the discharge was more voluminous. Wondered why. By eleven much of it was vivid memory. I began to wonder why the slow disintegration of symptoms. And, then, I recalled that this occurred each day. What was it that I did, or, ate that would have this result. By two P.M. the memories were being replaced by the real thing, again. What was it I did that would make this change?


Then I recalled that day in February when my Mexican auto repairman had revealed to me the seeds of Moringa Tree, emphasizing that Fidel Castro of Cuba had fought off prostrate cancer by eating the seeds of this tree. Each morning I took one Moringa seed. Could it be?


At about 2 P.M. after this discussion with myself, I took a second Moringa Tree seed. Within three hours things returned to almost normal. I theorized to myself that if it was the seed having this effect, it took close to two hours to take effect, and, the effect would last another six or seven hours. As I watched the hours pass by I found myself crediting the Moringa Tree seed. I maintained the schedule through the night. The symptoms, for the most part, had become shadows of themselves.


I will continue the process for a number of days, then, reduce the number of times per day. By then I will have consulted my Medico in Alberta.





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Don Gross B.A. Ll. B..

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Easier said than Done: Acceptance.

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